1. Keep up the great contribution you are making to improving others lives!

    Firstly I would like to send a huge YOU”RE eXtraordinary! Thank you from across the oceans and here from Australia, for the inspirational and positive impact your efforts are having; helping others stay positive, motivated and committed to achieving their goals and dreams in life!

    Its Monday here and while search the internet for inspirational and eXtraordinary people to write about I came across your website.

    I believe we have the same outlook and are sharing out desire to make a positive and lasting impact on others lives and I hope what I am doing will help you deliver even more value and inspiration for your readers.

    If so then great..we love to share.. also if you have eXtraordinary people you would like us to research and write about I would be most interested in hearing your ideas and thoughts!

    The following is the address of my site http://www.thextraordinary.org

    Be Blessed and thank you for sharing in the same dream and all you are doing to improve the lives of others!

    • ling

      Thank you Peter. I find your site inspiring too. Continuing our work of inspiring one another. I’ll be in touch with you when the next eXtraordinary person I’d like to feature.

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