A Perfect Day …

What would a perfect day for you look like?

Well perfect as it means to you, to be living the day as you wish, a day in your most relaxed self, being who you truly are. What would this day look like for you, living your dream life?

Most often we hear people lament that they are not living their dream life yet, their dream life seems so far away.  I believe that living our dreams is to start to act and live in every possible way, starting from right here right now.

a perfect day


I would like to suggest an exercise, it’s called – Living A Perfect Day exercise.

It’s a preparation for living your life according to your highest vision, your dream.

The exercise – If you could have an entire day filled with nothing but your most inspiring activities and dreams, what would it look like? Sit down with your journal and write out your perfect day exactly as you would most love it to be.

Schedule an entire 24 hours from the moment you wake up, whether it be 4 am or noon.
Have the sleep you want, see the sunrise or sunset from some beautiful place, have a massage , garden, dance, write, sing, travel, teach, serve, work, consult, speak, make love, dream, play… and be with people that supports your vision, your true self, this is your day. 

Whatever that perfect day is for you, map it out, pick a date, commit to doing it, and then go fulfill it.

First plan it for once a year, and once you’ve done that and realized it’s possible, raise the number to 4 times a year – once per season. Then go to once a month, and then work toward having a perfect day every single week. Increase the frequency until eventually almost every day of your life is lived in accord with your dreams.

This is my version of a perfect day, I spent a day walking in the woods, taking photography and connecting with people and nature, chatting with strangers who are also taking beautiful pictures of the Autumn colors. On the tram back home, I was just smiling by myself, that kind of smile that is coming from the heart, inner fulfillment it is.  Sharing my joy with you in this picture:

keep calm and live your truth

Living our most inspired life and dreams got to start from one single step, no matter how small it may be.  I hope this exercise would inspire you to realise your dream life is not so far away, it can start to live within you in every possible way.


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