A Question For Your Behaviour

GoldenCircle diagram

Here’s  A Question For Your Behaviour

Do you focus on the “what” or do you focus on the “how” that are going to bring this result?

In recent coaching session, I was aware how one could be stuck on the “whats” one wants, and then spending too much time on them – what they want is possible or impossible, maybe they are not what they want, and then unable to get to the “how” to get to execute them.

Getting clear on why we want what we want is one step, after we put out the intention, what do we do about them?

GoldenCircle diagram

Observe what you are behaving. And see if these behaviours are leading to your actions into achieving the intention, or if they are just inhibiting beliefs circling about the “what”.

“If you focus on the results, you will never change. if you focus on change, you will get results.” Jack Dixon

For example, an intention to have a life partner, we may find ourselves focusing our thoughts too much on when he is coming into our life, what he is really like, all about the what, and maybe at times, doubting this intention will happen, .. when we start to focus on the how, on our behaviour towards this intention – how we are living each moment, how we are presenting our self to attract this intention, we will get to the result.

Observe our behaviour and understand what keeps us from moving forward.


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