An “AHA” moment on Goal Setting and Fulfillment

The 3 Questions to Ask Yourself on Goals Setting & Fulfillment

I had an “aha” moment on goals setting and fulfillment after watching this video from Vishen Lakhiani from the Mind Valley. In this video he inspires us to think and implement our goals in terms of an “end goal” rather than a “means goal“. So what are they and what’s the difference? Watch what it is for him:

After watching it, I started to feel my fulfillment in terms of these areas – I’ve fulfilled the goals and dreams I’d set 5 years ago based on what I’d wanted as an experience, as part of my growth and development and how I want to contribute.  

I remember the day I verbalized it with a good friend, she asked me “what’s next?”, “what’s my dreams?”. I said I want to be enjoying people and places of these two countries where my families are – Finland and Singapore,  be connected with Europe and Asia where my interests for architectures and people have been, so I can fully expressed my abilities.

Goals Setting in terms of Experiences

For me, a “means goal” is for example, if you set a goal like “I want to have lots of money to buy a big house”, a comparative “end goal” would be “I want to be able to enjoy all my family comfortably spending  time together in a comfortable house”. For me, when I described a goal in terms of experience, it has much more inner fulfillment during the journey. 

goal setting and fulfillment

First of all, I can feel how it is to be in it, what means a big deal to me, how it makes me jump up each day with the excitement of being in it. If you cannot feel and see your goal and describe the experiences as much details as possible, your dreams and goals are as good as just ideas floating around. When you activated your enjoyment and creativity side of your mind towards your goals, they are imprinted in your subconscious mind to help you live it as a habit, day by day.

Secondly, if you focused on developing and living your goals in terms of your experiences, growth path and what it means for you to act and contribute in it, you are living your authentic self, your soul path. Not getting stuck with what the society or other elements or structure has defined it to be. Your sense of fulfillment is so much deeper and you’re happier being and living the goals in your own style and ways. You may have heard many people often lament “so what now?” after accomplishing a goal in life, I believe they have accomplished a “means goal”, not an “end goal” which is a longer lasting purpose of how you live your life.

Be in touch and connected with the whole experience of it.


authentic connected creative life

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