Benefits Of Meditation: Practice with Nature

Recently I read an article by Toby Ourvy on Meditation and a great analogy.  Here’s how it says:

Now here’s the benefits of meditation with the salt analogy:  if you put a teaspoon in a cup of water, stir it in and then taste it, it tastes horrible. However, if you take a bucket of water, stir a teaspoon full of salt into it and then take a sip of it, it will still taste basically ok.

In a similar way, if your mind is habitually small, contracted and claustrophobic then even small sufferings and challenges are going to have substantial power to knock you off balance and cause you pain. If on the other hand you make a point of habitually relaxing in into the natural expansive space and stillness of your mind, making your experience of it as big as possible then this will mean that you will be able to bear small challenges and sufferings without any problems, and even larger challenges will have much less power to throw you off balance. You will be able to bear them with a much larger degree of equanimity.

Benefits of Meditation & Creativity

benefits of meditationI would further add on to this same analogy that I personally experience from the benefits of meditation – the more balanced and expanded is your mind, the more creative and expanded is your life!

The more cluttered is our mind the less it is able to renew itself and generate new ideas.  New angles and perspective cannot be formed with a clautrophobic mind.  And especially when it comes to the use of imagination for creativity.  In this ever competitive world of tight competition on promotion of self, products and services, it becomes a necessity to be able to be imaginative and creative.  Doing research and gathering lots of information is great, but it comes a time to settle the dust and let it sink in, and allow that authentic “aha” moment to come up from your inner self, to say, YES, this is how I am going to be unique, stand out and touch millions with my work.

Why Nature? Well, the source of energy for life on earth!  Renew and Create New Life!



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