Clarity and Visions for 2014

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Have Clarity and Visions for 2014!

So it was freezing here -5 degrees and going lower and I caught the first snow of this winter! I was thrilled!

In the midst of this snow storm, I also recalled that 12 years ago when I first experienced winter, I was thrown into a depression… You may wonder, how could one fell into a depression in this beautiful white snow? Hear me out in this video…

When we have no clarity and awareness of each moment, life can take us for a roller coaster ride, reacting through the drama, instead of the power of choice and possibility

As the new year is approaching, I contemplate of the coming visions, vision of my life and me. And this paragraphs of words and feelings emerged, I quickly pen it down:

Visions. some say they think and plan and try to come up with future visions and plans and yet nothing solid and “ommp!” comes up.

paulo coelho quote who we are

For me, visions is created out of being here and now in 100%.

When we are in awareness, so much in touch with our being, our purpose,

who we are, what makes us jump up, eyes twinkle with excitement each moment,

smile through our deepest heart, and gives us energy each moment, VISIONS appear

Visions of who we are, bigger than who we are pops up!

And because we feel it so real here and now and in present moment,

it’s real, it’s solid, it gives energy now, we start to act on it. Acting on this bigger self!

What is it that you feel right now that makes your heart sing?

What gives you energy and excitement to jump up and say YES I’m in it?

What surrounds you right now that gives you strength and purpose each moment?

Act on it, act more into it.

And not let this light and vision of you be swayed by others in the path of a bigger you!


Have a Merry Christmas and 2014 New Year celebrations! 

fulfill your dreams January 2014

I look forward to share more of living through choice & possibility (instead of drama) and fulfilling our dream life in upcoming events in January 2014!

Find out more here: Events January 2014


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