Conscious Living – Every Voice Is Important

conscious living - inner voices in my head

I was in the library yesterday and intuitively I turned to this page, and it was a significant part of a mindset breakthrough that I just experienced…


Some of our inner selves may be difficult for us to accept at first. For example, we might feel upset to discover that there’s an angry voice inside. Because it’s been suppressed and ignored all our lives, it’s become even angrier. It’s never been listened to and hasn’t had a change to have its feelings heard.

We can start to find safe, comfortable, appropriate ways to allow our anger to be experienced and expressed. Underneath the anger we will find an assertive self that is trying to take care of us by standing up for us, setting boundaries, and asking for what we need. This is an important voice that needs to be part of our lives.

I accept all of my inner voices.

– Awakening, A Daily Guide to Conscious Living. Shakti Gawain.

conscious living - inner voices in my head

A guide to inner awareness and breakthrough. 

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