Create Your Life with Your Creative Power

Creative Thinking to Transform Our Life

When we are stuck in a repeating problem in life over and over again,

When we want to breakthrough from negative thinking and patterns in life,

When we want to fulfill our dreams and goals in life,

How do we break the negative pattern and gain CLARITY to move ahead?

How can we use what we already have, our abilities – CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS mind?

Here’s what Being Creative means for me …

Interested to learn these 3 Creative Thinking Process that I applied for past 20 years?

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It is the world within, namely, your thoughts, feelings, and imagery
that makes your world without. It is, therefore, the only creative power, and everything,
which you find in your world of expression, has been created by you in the inner world
of your mind consciously or unconsciously.
Knowledge of the interaction of your conscious and subconscious minds will enable you
to transform your whole life.


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