Creative Thinking and Living Anything Is Possible

anything is possible

Think You Can’t Be Creative? Think anything is possible …

In the weekend, I went back to my work of art – last winter I attempted to draw a picture of tiger, one of my favorite animal, and I failed.  Somehow it just did not look real… proportion were incorrect, I just couldn’t get it.

Now months have passed and after my good friend Regina posted many pictures of animals, tigers and lions, they inspired me and I started to pick up the carbon pencil and draw the tiger again… This time I just sat down with no expectation, letting my subconscious mind guides me – all the images that were imprinted and just let it flow, let me dream.  creative thinking

Suddenly I got an idea, why don’t I start with the mouth and work upwards to the rest of the face.

With this new found technic, finally I arrived at a satisfactory picture of the tiger, well at least in my eyes.  What do you think?

Creativity and Creative Thinking

Some say that being creative is an inborn talent, some people are just so good at coming up with all kinds of creative ideas.  But creative thinking can be developed too.

I remember when I was a teenager, watching my brother paint and drew with such flair but whenever I picked up the pencil or brushes, nothing came up, just some scribbles and paper looked plain after a long while.  There was blockages in me that said, I’m not an artist so I cannot be painting or drawing well.  This limiting belief actually manifested itself and prevented my mind and hence my actions to flow and create wonderful images.

It was only lately I started going for art classes, and it was with much gratitude I met the art teacher who allows creative thinking to be developed – there was no class format, she just said, draw as you wish, paint as if it’s real life, what light and surroundings would be, pay attention to them.  Simply be conscious to life!  In the beginning I was frustrated – huh? I came to be guided to draw! She simply said “so it is, such is life, expression!”.  I noticed I transformed within the class – I released a pre-determined idea of a class, I released of my expectation and limitation of art and within weeks, I began to flow – my mind was light and my actions seem to come from within.  It was therapeutic.

Our thoughts are just so powerful.  This limiting belief that prevented me from picking up drawing and painting manifested for so many years, the moment when I’m ready to release it, it vanished into thin air.

I believe anything is possible, when we draw from our inner knowing and resources.  I wouldn’t have known how to have drawn up the tiger picture, but the idea came up during the process.  This idea came from within – when our mind is relaxed, released of expectation and so the “chi” or energy can be flowing, we can then function creatively, coming up with interesting ideas for our lives.

So this is my final result, my second piece of drawing since teenager, anything is really possible.

anything is possible


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