Creativity – Innate or Developed?

I read an interesting article from The Wall Street Journal :

How To be Creative

It goes in the same line of  thought as my coaching system on being creative, and creating out of the box.

Creativity may be a person’s innate talent, but it could also be a skill developed over time.

Creativity can be developed, and very often we look at the exterior factors and information and try to find solutions and creative ideas, but it has shown in the research that the “Eureka” moments come mostly unexpected when you are outside of it, in a shower or grabbing a beer.

Creativity And One’s Belief System

For me it is a combination of how our brain works for the individual (the personality type and its limited belief system) and the inner intuitive knowledge that this is it, it is not just a passing feeling, it is that moment!

Creativity takes many forms, some are good at invention, some uses creativity in cooking up different tastes, some are good with people and communication with them creatively, some with photography and creative angles of subject.  When one works through one’s limited boundaries and breakthrough that area, there is no boundary, imagination runs wild, and combining with inner intuition to guide to the “AHA” moment, voila, a creation is born!

I personally had so many “used to be” statements or “limitations” about myself, just to name few : “I used to be uncreative with photography”, “I used to be outside of the kitchen, hates cooking”, “I used to be just following procedures rather than finding the solution” yes used to be, but now no longer so.  Limitations are broken.  I believe that until we say the words “I am not creative”, first know what is one’s limited belief system, get a breakthrough, and build up on own’s intuitive skills.  Combining both, opens up to a brand new world.


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