Transform Through Effective Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills

With Global Audience

Have you been lost in response to questions during a presentation or sales pitch?

 How do you guide and lead the audience to what you want to achieve?

Do you work with an international audience and wonder if there is a common strategy in your communication style?


This workshop is for people who want to learn how to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to master effective communication especially in a global environment  with a trainer who has 16 years of training experiences across Americas, Europe and Asia.

effective communication skills globally


In this three hours workshop, you learn and practice:

  • How to make full use of your internal helpful resources to acquire information of self and others
  • How to influence, collaborating not intruding
  • Effective messages through verbal, body language & tonality
  • Practical examples to explore creative ways of communication

And many more tips and tricks of real life examples of communication with many different countries.

What people said about the workshop:

This small group workshop is good, it is very interactive and engaging. I find the eye movements exercise good, interesting to assess a person, the AH OU OHM vocal expression exercise is good, a lot of exercises and reading to practice on, thanks so much! 

Thank you very much and I enjoyed your effective communication skills workshop. You covered the topic pretty well in 3 simple steps, though simple, it encompasses the positive side of looking at things  in general. I would say this workshop helps me in other ways of life as well.  I also see you being very truthful and your willingness to bring wellness to others. 

Join the next available workshop:

Date:             15th January 2014 7-10pm
Cost:             S$88
Location:   The Training Centre, Kembangan Plaza.

Limited to 20 seats only, Register your seat here:

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