Life’s a Blast When You Are Co-Creating Each Moment

how to fulfill your dreams

Fulfill Your Dreams – Co-Create Each Moment

I had a really fun New Year’s Eve celebration, my first time squeezing and being squashed with 20,000 people in downtown Helsinki, watching the fireworks and cheering to the turn of time to 2014. 🙂


how to fulfill your dreams
Co-creating each moment!

An inspired message came up in the midst of all the fun – “Life is a blast, when we know we are co-creating each moment“.

How Do You Stay True to Fulfill Your Dreams?

What it means to me, is to fulfill our dreams and stay on track acting on each moment with clarity and creativity. How we show up each moment, what we choose to be each moment. Not just making goals for next week, next month, the whole year.

Many people have expressed reluctance to make new year resolutions or have difficulty staying focus on it, at the end of the year to realise not much have been accomplished.

We all know having our vision and goals is important, because it clarifies our lives and purpose. And staying on track, is being able to embrace who we are and how we are acting each moment.  The experience of co-creating with the universe, the environment, the people, the challenges, the possibilities, instead of sitting back in confusion, sweeping things under the carpet, un-awareness, and stop short and react at each challenge through the doubts and insecurities.

Think of the current goals and dreams that you are to fulfill, when challenges come up, how do you respond?

Do you stop short reacting at the problem or challenge, or do you let it unfold and explore into a new possibility?

Consider this scenario:

As you are working on your dreams and goals, and in the middle of your setting up your dream cafe and invested a significant amount of money in renovation, your landlord came and informed of an unforeseen circumstance that required him to sell off the place. Do you stop short at the problem – screaming and yelling at him with accusations how badly impacted you are? Feeling all about “me me me” and running into an endless loop of how bad the matter is…

But in this scenario, which is a real life story of my friend, she chose to stay calm, stay true and clear of her vision, she responded to her landlord with trust and commitment to work through the issue together with him. The trust is based on her clarity in each day and each moment of life, being aware of who her landlord as a person, and using her heart to connect with people, not obscured by doubts, insecurity and bad experience of the past. When the landlord was given this chance to be in the same boat with her, they worked out new solutions together. As a result, they found a bigger spot for her cafe, and an interim solution for now, which brings a win-win resolution to both. As a result of this incident, which was initially perceived as “unfortunate”, it has allowed her to fulfill another one of her dream with the bigger space found.  This is truly allowing new possibilities to happen!

As we live each moment fulfilling our dreams, be in a state of clarity to respond to life managing doubts and insecurity instead of reacting through these doubts and fears. In this way, you can stay true to your dreams, fulfill your bigger vision, by allowing possibilities to happen, co-creating them in each moment.

So the next time a challenge surfaced in your path, would you stop short at the problem or allow possibilities to expand and happen? 🙂


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