Having Relationship Problems? Check these aspects of Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are vital to a peaceful and happy daily life, unless you don’t interact with anyone. We are social beings, we want to relate and share with friends, family and close partner. So whenever problems in relationship arise, especially with a close partner you live with every day, we wonder and scratched our head what went wrong?!relationship problems

I find this chart particularly useful and makes me ponder on how these different aspects help me to resolve relationship problems, and also reminds me in maintaining healthy relationships, not just with others but starts with my self.

healthy relationships

Trusting your own path and intuition and therefore trusting your partner and friends.

Respect yourself and belief and therefore respect all others with their choice of life and opinion. We can agree to disagree when we can respect where the person is coming from, his/her personal experiences and the space to express that experience.

Treat yourself as an equal, you can be comfortable being who you are, therefore you can respect all others as equal, treating them as who they are, as they choose to be.

Know your own freedom of choice, you deserve the freedom to be who you are, therefore you respect the freedom of others to be.

Above all, communicate all these values, beliefs and aspect of you, do not assume – communicate by sharing with your actions, verbalising and creative expression, through your music, your senses, your drawings, your beautiful voice.

I believe the more we see these traits in ourselves, the more we can see them within our relationships with others.  As practiced recently in my own relationship with my mother, it’s well expressed by this recent extract from Louise Hay’s advice:

relationship problems mother and daughter

The more I focus on myself and be at peace with my self relationship, the more she flows at ease and starts to open up to positivity and new ideas. We cannot change another person’s thinking, we can focus on our own thoughts and actions.  Once you are calm and at peace with your own being, try also this effective nlp technique “pattern disruption” to switch negative patterns by asking without judgement or direct suggestions “so what do you do?” “what do you think you can do?”.  What it does is when people say negative things, they are in a vicious pattern of saying without any proactive actions, when you question with “doing” it disrupts their current state, and prompt them to a different direction.

It works with my mother. 🙂 Try it!



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