How Do You Rejuvenate Yourself


How Do You Rejuvenate Yourself Each Day?

For me, tt is part of my morning regime, 30 minutes walk, not more, before breakfast.  Right after waking up, take enough water and out I go.

I’ve found that for my body, it doesn’t feel hunger the first 30minutes of waking up.  The body is still adjusting to getting awake, since it has been resting for 8 hours.  So I reckon the best approach is to go out and stroll with the nature, take deep breath, in the fresh, crisp morning air.  The difference? I feel internally my organs are starting to awake easier and smoothier as compared to stuffing with breakfast right immediately after waking up.   Also it feels rejuvenating – the sunshine or fresh air, it makes a renewed body to start off the day.  For me, it works perfect as a way to rejuvenate and charge up for the rest of the day.

It’s up to each one to find the best way for their body, whichever makes you connect with your body well.  Yes, I mean listen to them, and don’t destroy them unknowingly, especially the start of the day. 🙂


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