How to Change Negative to Positive Thinking

Negative to Positive Thinking

In one of my teaching stint with children in the schools, I gave an exercise for the 10 year olds to ignite their creativity. The exercise is to draw what you have seen while coming to school this morning. I noticed one child was particularly bored and unwillingly to do the exercise. I talked to him and he said “I don’t see anything interesting… I don’t remember”. I prompted him slowly, to think of what transport he took to school, who was with him, what are the surrounding colours … slowly I could see his eyes were scanning around, to retrieve and pick up information from his memory, his face turned from boredom to sparkles of smiles. He started to talk about what he saw… In the end, he drew a bed of flowers as it came very strong and repeatedly in his memory.

habits and brain

Expand Our Brain, Build Resources

Our brain stores a network or map of information. Unfortunately, we tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. So what we need is to deepen the positive experiences in our brain so it has stronger network in our brain for later retrieval. What I did with the child was to bring out something pleasant or casual that has happened before, so he can be drawn away from the “boredom” or somewhat negative association he had with the exercise, Being able to train ourselves to do that, to turn our awareness and thoughts into something positive, to replace the negative association, is very crucial in navigating negative challenges in our life. So we don’t sunk deeper and deeper into negativity, into the dark hole in our brain that later requires medication to tune it back.

Train Muscles in Our Brain

Our muscles in the brain can be trained and strengthened, to strengthen the ability to navigate thoughts from negative to positive, by doing such brain exercises regularly. Learning from good experiences through installation, registering them, allowing them to be present long enough to get encoded, is the primary way to grow resources in our mind.

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