How To Find Inner Strength Through Vulnerability

What Is The Relationship Between Inner Strength and Vulnerability?

This weekend, being relaxed and allowing myself to slow down and be with nature, I was very much in present moment and got interesting intuition with the repeated messages.  It’s great that when we bring down our frequency to the subconscious level, that’s when inspiration, creativity and ideas flow… inner strength

The repeated message was, through vulnerability we find our inner strength. And this is what I think the relationship is between inner strength and vulnerability.

We often think of vulnerability as weakness but in that moment that instead of trying to sweep our vulnerability under the rug, we could embrace the reality in all its fragility, that takes tremendous courage.  But it is through going into such vulnerability, we found greater inner strength that allows deep learning.

When we experience something painful, the tendency is to dissociate ourselves from the feeling, to become numb to it. We fragment our reality and stop being in relationship with this part of our experience, meaning that we don’t learn from it, let alone transform it. So  instead, if we embrace our vulnerability, we can fully accept the discomfort and learn to observe our entire reality deeply and intimately — just the way it is.

Some words to ponder to crack open a beautiful vulnerability within everyday situations:

I am sorry…  What can I learn from this fear… Thank you… I don’t know… I love…

Saying and opening up to love allows the situation to soften and brings healing.

Latin vulnerare which means ‘to wound’, and so at the root of vulnerability is our own sense of wounded-ness. To be authentic in a moment in which to feel wounded, we have to honestly acknowledge the places where we feel hurt and then muster up the strength to just be with the pain.

Literally speaking, courage comes from the Latin cor, meaning heart. So when I open up to any experience fully, with courage — our whole heart — it naturally opens me up to a deep love. The blind musician Facundo Cabral said it beautifully: “If you are filled with love, you can’t have fear,” he said, “because love is courage.”

True vulnerability, in its most profound form, is an act of love.

So the next time we feel fear, doubts or in face of challenges we feel the stress, just acknowledge it, put your hand on your heart, feel your weakness and vulnerability in the situation, stay with it. Or when we are challenged in a viewpoint or action, if we think we are wrong, just say “I’m sorry”, that’s it.  Through this, I think is tremendous strength and opportunity to transform beyond.

So in this weekend, I am a Gentle Warrior 🙂

“There is no greater strength than gentleness, and no greater force than love.” – from a dear friend and inspirator Jasmine Miller.




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