How To Restore Faith To Your Dreams

inspiration from another mindful walk at the park

How Do We Restore Faith To Our Dreams?

At times, when the going gets tough, we loose faith on our dreams… we find ourselves saying, “it’s too tough”, “maybe this is not for me”, “I am too old for this”, “I just don’t have enough content” and so on.


The thing is, we are letting our obstacles and fear get into the way of our dreams.

I’ll like to share this story from my coach:

He was traveling in the Dominican Republic, and after few days, he noticed that most of them are very happy smiling amidst the poverty and other problems prominent in the country. So he went about asking them, most of the answers are simple and direct, “we are just happy people”.. then one man said something eventually that strikes a chord inside him “you know, we don’t mix our problems with our dreams, dreams and dreams, problems are problems, fix the problems, and work on our dreams”.¬†

It makes sense!

When we have a meaningful dream and we want to pursue it and it didn’t get fulfill is because we got it mix up too much with the obstacles, up to the point that we couldn’t see the dream anymore and don’t believe in it. We begin to substitute it with – I don’t have enough money, I am too young, too old, I don’t have this that… and they got into the way to the dreams.

Separate them, obstacles are obstacles, dreams are dreams, fix the obstacles, focus on the actions towards the dream. Eventually, actions produce results, action results, soon we’ll get there.

Are you working on your new goals and action plan for 2016? Remember focus!

Focus on the path.  Focus is my theme for 2016.

Have a Joyous one!

inspiration from another mindful walk at the park


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