I am a Singaporean, I am proud to be a Human Potential

are you proud to be a singaporean

This week there is a you-tube video going viral about a young musician who explained why she is “not proud to be a Singaporean“.

are you proud to be a singaporean

To all Singaporeans out there, are you proud to be a Singaporean?

I am a Singaporean, and a complete product of the education and working life, but not a suppressed creativity. The family and society could have shaped our growing up and abilities, but we also do have an innate potential right from birth. I recalled the period when I was in primary school, between age of 10 to 12, I was very intuitive and used them naturally with fellow kids in school. I was always placed to sit next to the most notorious or “naughtiest” kid in school, as perceived by the teacher, since I was the quietest kid.  And sitting next to them, I’d listen to them, and they seem to confide in me – either in terms of talking non-stop to me or picking on me to fight with them. Through the different communication styles we interacted with as a kid, they were able to open up and reveal a different story from what the teachers and others generally perceived them to be. This left a deep impression in my life, opened up to how life could have different meaning depending how and what we do about them. 

We have a choice in any point in life, to choose to take a different turn or apply a different mindset, attitude and action to current circumstances. To be placed to sit with the naughtiest kid in school, one could either stayed grumbled or create a new relationship. To be put in an education system that is not creative, one could go along with it, or find different ways to create new life into it, not battling an eye to criticisms or judgement. (another post I share on when everyone says no to my dream)

It is not easy to stay unwavered by the surrounding but it is only a very simple guidance – staying TRUE to who you are and what you want to be.

And I am proud to be a human potential.

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