Why Is It Important To Acknowledge Our Emotions

louise hay I love and accept myself

Why Is It Important To Acknowledge Your Negative Emotions Before Fixing It With Positivity

When we were young, our parents and teachers often said “Don’t be sad” “You shouldn’t be angry” “Stop crying” … very often there isn’t opportunity for us to let our emotions flow, they are immediately labeled as “good” or “bad” “shouldn’t be” or “should be” … In the short term, it may appear positive to have a solution to banish the “negative” emotions, but in the long run, unresolved or suppressed emotions will always surface again and again.

louise hay I love and accept myself
From my experiences, it is most effective to first acknowledge our emotions, whatever it is, with a loving intention : I love and accept myself. And then make the next move with a calmer peace of mind. If an incident makes me feel sad, or angry, acknowledge it.  Acknowledge can simply be a self talk or comforting gesture that says “it’s ok I am angry” “it is ok to feel what I feel right now”.  I feel acknowledgement is the first step towards self awareness and change. If you are not aware of what is within, and start to look for solutions to “fix it”, you may not be “fixing” the root of the matter, but another emotions to cover it up.

In my experience of being in a depression, when the expectation of a positive scenario is way beyond my current outlook, it created more panic and lost in view of the vast contrast, but when I calmed myself and brought focus to just acknowledge what is, it gave peace of mind and heart with loving intention before I can move on to create positivity. 


When facing fear becomes daunting, we can try to ease them by expressing whatever emotions we have through writing it down. Journaling all we are feeling helps to direct our attention from mind to structure – writing creates clarity in the long run. It’s your inner space, your sanctuary to express who you are.

journal to manage emotions


When we can acknowledge it, we can take a pause, let it flow, and then we can start to gain insights and create positivity. You can’t stop a river from flowing and expect new water to come through and flow with ease.



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