In This Society Of Making No Mistakes, What If …

Ok, it’s not nice being called a pink fat lady, but then immediately after reading this news being made a big drama after it’s been spread across social media platforms, my mind started switching to a questioning mode “what’s wrong with being called pink fat lady, really??”.


pizza hut pink fat lady
A lady was being identified as “pink fat lady” on the receipt by a staff of Pizza Hut in Singapore, after she placed an order. When she saw it, she was devastated and demanded an apology from the company.



I know some would say I am being mean saying this. But to me, saying negative things about myself, is a way of acknowledging it first (if I have come to agree and realise it), and then I can move forward to finding the next step. In this society of making no mistakes, fearing to say the negative and unglamorous events in our life, we are forbidden to voice out our failures.

I recalled that the day and the moment I verbalised my depression to a colleague, and his response and what led on to next felt like a light, a small glimpse of a path ahead suddenly appeared. One led to the next and the next, it was many solutions later that I applied to myself, that found my path out of the depressive state.

After this experience, it has instilled in me a natural process to first acknowledge, both positive and negative state of being, acknowledgement brings us to face the situation, whatever it is. And then to embrace it, so it is, then we can start to move to other state, and what’s next, what can I do with this, what meaningful ways I can turn this situation further?

Bearing Grudges or Moving On?

Without this space to acknowledge our being, face up to it, we may be running away and hid it under the carpet, only it may pops up in the future or the back of our mind.

We are who we are, and if we do not like it, what actions do we take next?

What purposeful, and meaningful act?

life is a work of art

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