Innovation and Entrepreneurship

louise hay

“I now see myself in the perfect job, using my talents and abilities innovatively, working with and for people I love and earning a good income” ~ Louise Hay. 

In the present world, we are living in an ever conscious world – conscious of how money is being circulated and used in the society and therefore conscious effort to scrutinise where the money goes and how it is being spent.  Cost cutting is everywhere, and definitely exist at a certain lifecycle of a company.  We as individuals and part of this society, could be more aware and make conscious effort to be innovative and impact change, rather than be a reaction of the change.

Whether you are being employed in a corporation or in entrepreneurship, ever more there is a need to have a creative mind, an entrepreneur spirit – to find innovative ways of making changes in the society that is seen as adding value and bringing inspiration to the company.  And to do that, it has to be coming from an authentic enthusiasm for it, because the enthusiasm of your customer is not going to exceed that of the one who serves it.  We are influencing the experiences of others in the organisation.  And it has to come from our authentic passion of the product, service, company and our creation.

How do we cultivate this creativity and entrepreneur spirit?

How do find a passion in what we do in our career?

If your career is currently something you do not look forward to, is not touching your heart and giving you that urge to say I AM PASSIONATE in what I do, then where should you be digging into and finding out how?

Is being creative an inborn talent and skill? Can it be developed?

Where do we start of – looking inside us to find that creative juices?

Share your thoughts on innovation with me 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  1. Hi Ling

    Very pleasant website. There is a very good feel about this website. Love this quote by Louisa Hay and it comes in handy for the job affirmation I have been looking for. Loved the video that captured the nature scene with the birds chirping so well. What a great way to bring nature into our office environments!


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