Inspiring Stories – A Cancer Survivor and An Ever Transforming Person

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Inspirational Stories – 77 years old cancer survivor & an ever transforming person

Meet Riitta, a modern dance teacher, an ever learning and transforming person and a cancer survivor at the age of 77.

inspiring stories - riitta vainio

I would like to quote what she says that just encourages me while I face my own life challenge,

Each day is a new day, learning how to unblock the path ahead, how to communicate with the people around and transform…

Indeed, when we are learning and growing, each day is uncovering the blockages and finding the path to transform.  The more we allow this to flow, the more we can flow with ease and harmony.

She shares about how she is still being very active in her passion – dancing and human expression through movement.  At the age of 77, she is an inspiration to many – currently leading a dance group of 5 in dance performances around the country and participating in any events that encourages dance movement and expression, each day is a learning experience how to express and work with different people, and transforming through new inspirations.  She definitely lives the chinese saying “as one grows in age, one continues to learn”.

It is no coincidence that I get to know Riitta. I met her grand-daughter through a friend, and in sharing our inspirations and work, about how we can face up to fear by using physical movement as a nudge to move beyond our fears, she was excited to introduce her grandmother to me – Riitta Vainio, a pioneer in Finland modern dance and a recent cancer survivor.

And hearing that she is almost 80 years old just got me even more excited! It was not easy to get hold of Riitta. She is ever so busy with all the activities and passion in her life. Finally one fine day, I got to travel to her beautiful house where it is also her “white studio” and dance studio.

on my way to meeting inspiring person
on my way to meeting an inspiring person

An entreprenuer, pioneer in modern dance, cancer survivor and an ever learning and transforming person, a truly inspiring person for me.  Having won many awards and a much respected person in modern dance in Finland, she is very humble and down to earth with her life’s perspective – treating each day and each challenge as an invitation to making new beginning, new life!

I hope you are also inspired by her sharing in this video, she talks about how she gets her inspiration, ideas fast coming and flowing so how we can protect and nurture it, and how she faced “death” during her recent cancer experience and renews life:

More of her inspirations and dance movement at

inspiring stories - riitta vainio modern dance



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