Inspirational Stories – the journey continues

real life inspirational stories

Real Life Inspiring Stories

and The Journey Continues…

There are many people around us who have transformed – some who have gone to the bottom of their lives, some who were borned with a physical challenge, all of who are inspired by another to transform in their own journey.

I like to interview people who are on the journey – whether you call it the journey to success, or the journey to a greater you, focusing on the journey is the most important, I think.

I bring forth these real life inspirational stories of people I met around the world, who are on the journey to uncover more and more of their self, to create, to share, and I hope in the process of sharing their life experiences, we get inspired to transform our lives and create as we go along in the journey.

And so the journey continues… 

“Creativity is like a muscle in our body, without practicing and using it, it will go weak and not useful”KC Tan from Singapore shares his inner awareness journey through 6 years of entrepreneurship and how he stays true to his authenticity in his business amidst the competition.

Noora, a life coach and laughter yoga teacher from Finland,  has transformed her physical challenges into a strength to encourage other people to live a life they want, no matter what challenges they face.


“Each day is a new day, learning how to unblock the path ahead, how to communicate with the people around and transform… “- Riitta Vainio, 77 years old cancer survivor and modern dance teacher from Finland.

“We are not our circumstances, then who are we?” – Regina Sayer, from the Bahamas, currently in Singapore as a healing yoga teacher shares how she got out of negative emotions.

“Giving up my dream is like giving a part of me away…” – Hazel from Jamaica, currently setting businesses in Finland, shares how she found the strength through her passion and not giving up in fulfilling her dreams, even as she faces mounting difficulties creating businesses in a foreign land.

Success Stories Of People Who Overcome Uncommon Adversity In Life 

real life inspirational stories

Meet Noora and Bruce, who are born with an uncommon adversity in life and how they transform themselves to fulfill their dreams and goals.  Read more here.

Changing Path, A Life Changing ExperienceFamily Moving from China to Finland

Meet Er Sha, who moved from China to Finland and transformed from a “panda in China” to a “polar bear in Finland”. Read more here.


My greatest passion is in meeting such inspiring people and my wish is to bring their stories to the world, so we can inspire one another to our greatest life.  More inspiring life stories <here>.

If you like to be involved or have a life inspiring story to share, please get in contact with me:

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