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inspirations from photography - live your truth

“Life is full of surprises, you never know what life brings you” – from my new friend Eira, who wrote me after we met the first time last weekend in the park, both of us on a trip of photography, catching the autumn colors before it’s soon gone.

Sharing my inspirations and joy from my photography day –

inspirations from photography - live your truth


Inspirational Story

At this week’s coaching, I asked “what inspires you to jump up each day, saying this is why I’m doing what I’m doing?” And my coachee told me she is always inspired by the National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones, how he pursues what he truly love doing – photography, and goes on in sharing the light in people’s life by inspiring them to look at the world with possibilities, not limitations. Just like how he sees life with many perspectives and angles through his photography interacting with nature and people.

Embrace the Abundance

He said, “Nature never stood in front of the forest and said, there is one great photograph hidden here, only one great photographer will find it and the rest will be hopeless. Nature said, how many roles you got, how many angles and perspectives you have of me. Bring it on! I’ll fill it with all possibilities beyond you can imagine.” I remembered what a mentor spoke to me this, “the sun shines on everyone’s head, it doesn’t say “I shall not shine on this person”, it shines on everyone!” Nature is abundance and life offers us a thousand chances, the only thing we need to do is take action. To take each moment and each step in acting and living out our truth, what it is that is truly me and what it means to live my purpose so each day I wake up with a full cup – energized to live again each day.

Through the process of inspiring my coachee to live her dreams and inspirations, I was at the same time, inspired by her sharing of a video from Dewitt Jones, her first action towards living what inspires her each day, sharing more what is truly her, her passion in sharing. 🙂



Who are you in this moment, this situation, this life? How are you expressing it? — Ling Kulanko



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