Lessons Learnt on Acceptance through a Vacation

lessons learnt in life

Life is an amazing twist and turn of events and I just had a big lessons learnt on Acceptance – what is for myself and others.

The meaning of “Acceptance” has been experienced in my life as – to accept what is present, what is in others and what is all that I am. And least that it occurred to me that I’ve had areas within myself and my life that I had not learnt to accept.  And life usually makes you learn hard and fast through a challenge in life.

Life Lessons Learnt Through A Vacation

I had planned a vacation for my family members, all 8 of us including young kids and old parents as a host in the Europe area where I have lived for several years.  I could not have imagined how daunting the task could be until it started to happen and I was in the midst of it. I had constant voices in my head what to plan and running through the activities to make sure things go as planned and minimal hiccups especially inconveniences for the old people.

lessons learnt through a vacation
A trip to Venice with family


As the days got going and I soon got tired physically running all over the place, I was getting more impatient, and reacted emotionally to my family members.  I realize I had planned more than I could handle and over-extended myself.  And it was through such trips of adventures that we throw ourselves to the sea of challenges – obstacles and hiccups are just part and parcel of adventures, isn’t it?

Acceptance Process #1 – Express and Acknowledge

Instead of brushing these emotions and expressions away, I verbalized and shared with my partner my stress, my emotions and all that I was feeling, I started to face up to them with more ease.  The word “Acceptance” has a new meaning in me.

Probing and asking self “where does it come from?” “what is it really about?” slowly I started to not hold on too tight, and then able to catch myself behaving during challenges and see beyond the situation, the reaction.  And what we can be also acceptance of others through the process.

Acceptance is an understanding beyond the surface, is non resistance.

Acceptance Process #2 – Explore and Allow to Flow

From the initial resistance, blaming, complaints and negativity… to open to explore “what is it really” “and so what’s next” “how can it be different”.

It is allowing what is, and express them either through a good discussion with trusted partner or simply take time to self and write them down.  And this goes through many rounds of bringing awareness to self when faced with the turmoil yet again.  Repetition is the key.  Through days of sharing, expressing, exploring, I started to shift – from tension to flowing with it without expectation.

Acceptance Process #3 – Create Yourself

With the ease of feelings and centredness, I was able to gain insights into areas of myself and others, I understand yet another aspect of me, when I can accept my limitations, acknowledge and even openly verbalize and share it, I can move on to be open to new experience, moving on to inspired actions of creating “what’s next”.  It was like a huge release, I was set free! 🙂

Acceptance is moving on to create new experience.

Instead of focusing on limitations, the mind shifted to create what could be possible. All the “what ifs” pop up in my mind… it’s not about ignoring and turning a blind eye to differences, but make use of these differences/conflicts as insights to new creative actions – what can I create differently in future when I honour my limitations? And then a window to a new path starts to show up – I had a glimpse of the future, a visualization of my clarity and intentions.

lessons learnt on acceptance in life


It was a rich vacation – filled with challenges, discoveries of myself and others and breakthrough to new phases of my life. I learnt to let go of the tensions, and in return life flows. I learnt that with family members, we go through different phases of relationship, a life time of learning and growing when we are aware of it and start exploration. And a new relationship is being created for my parents – how I transform the limitations into new topics and relationship to interact with. I gain new insights of my partner of ten years – to notice the respect he gave to people in the midst of challenges and helped me to create a new perspective to grow out of the challenges.

lessons learnt in life

It is when we create adventures into our lives that we learnt so much more when we face up to challenges.  I hope you’d share with me also your adventures with the comments. What is your experience with Acceptance

if you would like to learn my process of developing awareness and centredness with a creative process, read more here: <Creative Consciousness>


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