Life Beyond The Shores of Singapore

Experience Life Beyond the Shores of Singapore

An exercise:  “go back to when you were 10 years old, what were the things or events that touched you most?” – it will lead you to finding what is your purpose, what you truly love living and doing.

dreams and purpose in life

Cutest un-identical twins

For me, it was sitting with the most notorious classmate or so that’s what the teacher thought he was.  Instead of intimated by his “bad behavior”, I observed him and talked to him, he opened up to me and confided in me how his parents were always not at home, he didn’t like to do homework and he couldn’t talk to his grandmother and relate to her. I was very sensitive, to his  feelings and how there was this other side of him, the “real” side that he didn’t express to the class. This friendship and experience with this classmate stayed deep in my memory and life.

I love engaging with people, I am intuitive to their inner thoughts and feelings. I realized all through my life, it was around this same theme – to trust my intuition, and share my truest self engaging with people. With people around the world.

Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can’t get there by bus, only by hard work and risk and by not quite knowingwhat you are doing. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover will be yourself.

— Alan Alda

Engaging People Around the World

As a trainer training people around the world, there are these that I apply to engaging with people –

make no assumption

have no judgement

always ask and listen.

 around the world

 And showing both our strength and vulnerability. We live in a world of relationships, we need one another to grow and learn. At times we use our strength to help another, at times it’s ok to just show our weakness and vulnerability. All is real, the more we show our true self, the closer we connect with one another.

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Mindful of Life and Transform

When I first landed in Finland more than ten years ago, I looked up the sky and saw this view – instantly I felt “Who am I?” “What is my purpose?” “What am I doing here?”

experience life beyond the shores of singapore

A country with vast space, nature and environment for self-reflect, it was a great opportunity to find “me”, my authentic identity.

What it means is to be mindful – be aware of how we live our life, what are the recurring problems, why are they repeating itself, and how we can then change our lives and transform.

I learn to view things as they are, to view life as it is. When problems are recurring in our lives over and over again, do we look closely at what it is, or just brush it away? This mindful life I learnt through nature.  Sit with nature and let thoughts flow.

beauty of nature



Mindfulness helps in managing challenges in life. This is what I have been able to first experience here in Finland. To be aware of our thoughts, letting it flow, letting life flow, without criticizing and judging, and in the process, gain much insights into it. This helps tremendously in transforming our lives. What we can be aware of, we can then make decision to change or stay where we are. It becomes a choice, not being pushed into it. Managing our problems, rather than the problems managing us.

Practicing mindfulness can be as simple as taking a walk, and take notice, pay attention to current moment – the sounds of the surrounding, the smell of air, the view around us, the feel of the ground. Not thinking of what is to do next, not thinking of what was the past. Whenever the thoughts go to past or future, gently bring it back to focus on the current.

Experience Mindfulness with Finnish Nature: 

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I started to be aware of mindfulness practice when I spent a week in the forest – with no running water and as much to nature living as possible, my attention was drawn to just my self and the surrounding. Feet on the ground, bathing with lake water, and absolute silence to be with the sounds of nature.

peaceful lifestyle

wooden cottage in the forest, bathing in the lake water

 nature living in the forest

In such an environment, it sure helps in cultivating a change in mindset, a change in our consciousness, what we pay attention to in our lives. From then on, mindfulness practice becomes a part of me.

When The Going Gets Tough

Now life isn’t just about peace and serenity. Even coming from the tropics when we are fond of snow and the cold season, when we are in the wrong mindset, one can be thrown into a depression. I experienced that right on the first winter in 2002. Of course there were many other embedded issues, limiting beliefs and unclear visions.

winter mood

Awareness, Clarity & Vision

It doesn’t matter where we are in this world, what we are facing, it matters to have awareness, clarity and visions in life. These are key success to happiness and inner fulfillment. Even when I am in Singapore, I am more at peace with the surrounding. It doesn’t bother me the crowdedness of the MRT trains, but mindful of who I am interacting each moment. In my most recent experience, I was sharing seats with this elder man, sharing a conversation on life, family and happiness.

 singapore mrt

He has this to say,

“life is very simple, you decide clearly what you want and go with it, I know I love kids so I go find a good girl and got married young, I love my kids and now we still have very good relationship… In a marriage, when one is angry, the other just keeps quiet, because in anger there is no logic, only emotions, let the person releases the emotions, then discuss it later. As we age and mature, we just drop our egos and life gets easier.”


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