To Think or To Act?

To Think or to Act, a balancing act indeed.

The theme for this month’s coaching sessions seems to be on action. And it led me to this quote I read from a friend,

We must act in order to feel, and we must feel in order to act.

A balancing act indeed. What do I mean by that?

What happens when you are going through a new change in life? A new idea that you start to feel the initial passion and urge to do it?


It could be a new job or new direction you’re thinking of, or a new course of study or education to undertake… you have that passion for it to get you thinking of doing it, and yet also equally some challenges you have to overcome in order to get there. What do you do?

Initially, we quieten down the clutter in our mind and go within for an affirmative answer – what we truly want.  How we feel passionate about doing it, and what it means for us. And then what’s next? Why some would still ponder more and stay in the unsure state -the state of inaction? Questions of “should I still go ahead?” kept coming back to the mind.

The only way to know then is to start acting. With action, you gain more information and insights if it is what it is that you’d think and plan.  And oh yes, of course you got to have a plan!

No matter how lazy we are in writing down plans, this task is not to be escaped. Without a plan, you plan to fail. Because we are working on time, each activity could be time relative – do you think you can go right into the school of study without first applying for it and prepare yourself for the interview? Before the interview, don’t you need to have a series of activities that are required to get to what you want to present and be in the future?

Nothing is for sure, and nothing is 100% backed up with experience. We may work on some passion and ideas and then the path may go completely different or changes or fine-tune as we go or act along.

My personal experience is this, take the first step in going within and ask for that affirmative answer, if it is always returning first a “Yes” and then some “buts” later on, work on the “buts” with a plan and act on it – it could be a fear, or doubt or activities you need to invest time and effort to do it, in order to find out the possibility of moving further forward with it.  Acting on it, leads on the the next and the next step forward.

Face the fear.  Ask the doubts.  Write down your ideas (or even fears).  Make a plan.

Then feet on the ground and go live it. Just do one thing at a time. You’ll get there, whichever way it’ll lead you to.

action towards dream goals


Our goals, ideas need space for expansion, it also needs action to create a new experience in our life journey.




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