Life Challenges: You Are Not Your Circumstances

Life Challenges: You Are Not Your Circumstances

We all have negative emotions and experiences whether there is a specific event that triggers it or simply a period of “low” moments when the stress builds up over time, a period of self doubt or even self pity just overwhelm our lives at that moment.

So how do we deal with it? How we manage it determines how fast we are able to come out of it, and learn through the experience.

As I recently shared my negative moments and how I motivated myself to see beyond the circumstances and learnt to live my truth and explore my potential, I met up with Regina, a healing and yoga teacher in Singapore and she shares with us in this video, a personal experience how she managed her own negative emotions with tools she is comfortable with – music, drawing and writing poems.  A very great way to bring down the mind activity to our more intuitive side, how we can face up to the emotions – expressing and releasing it!

You are not the circumstance, be in the moment and be who you truly are… ” Regina Sayer, from

Gaining Clarity Through Awareness

I personally practice this 3 step process even during normal times, so that it becomes a habit or being imprinted in our subconscious mind. To me, it’s a fundamental way to bring our balance back and be in an empowered state to manage the situation. I think we all want to be centered and feel confident and not be thrown off-center when we are faced in a situation that overwhelm us, and through practicing these 3 steps even during “normal” times, in times of crisis we can then fall back into it like a habit, and bring our life back faster.

This is useful and practical for customer service or call-center staff, especially when they are facing unhappy customers with all the negative emotions flying around, it’s most important for them to stay as centered and in their own balance as much as possible.

Remember that, you are not the circumstances, you are not the fear and doubts. Restore your balance and who you truly are:

Step 1: Bring awareness to your breath.
We hear it all the time when we are anxious, first take a deep breath. Simple but profound.

Breathing and bringing our awareness to our breath helps us to bring the focus back to our self, instead of the outside circumstances. We are not the life coaching singapore - move beyond negative emotionscircumstances, we are not the fear, the anxiety around the situation. So first, bring our focus back to where we are, feet on the ground and focus on our breathing. Allow our thoughts to flow, and be conscious of our breath, how we feel our energy within ourselves.

Step 2: Be grounded by your own energy. 
We are made of energy, we are in a state of energy all the time, and to change from a state of anxiety to calmness, or a state of inertia and stuck moments to a state of action, we can definitely use physical movements to help our mental state of mind.

As you breathe deeply, also bring your arms up and expand your shoulders and arms outright. Instantly you could already feel less encompassed in a stress out energy. As you expand your body outwardly and breathe, you expand your own state of energy – feel your feet on the ground, feel your presence as who you are, what you are made of.  You are not the circumstance, you are not the fear, the doubts. Feel your own presence, physically.  Be grounded by your own energy.

 Step 3: Clarity through your own presence. 
When you’re in a more grounded state, and more conscious of your presence, you can start to question and gain clarity in the situation. Who are you in this situation? What kind of energy are you in this circumstance? Are you expressing anger, resentment, fear, doubt? What do you want to achieve out of it? What you want to become? Questioning without judgemental and criticism. Questioning to gain awareness of what you are and what you want to be.

Too often we get suck into the situation and think that it is what defines us. Until we gain more awareness and understanding of who are truly are and be in our presence and what we can be open with the many endless possibilities in the universe, we can then move beyond the current state and expand.




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