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life coaching servicesI coach different people from across Europe and Asia and on a variety of issues.  I find it equally beneficial for the clients either coaching face-to-face or over the video skype. I only really have three requirements before I start working with a new client.

One: I believe that a life coach and a client need to ‘gel’, so I offer a complimentary 20mins consultation over skype for both of us to assess whether we can work together or not. If we decide, for whatever reason, that the coaching relationship isn’t going to work, then either you can keep in contact with my newsletter or I am, of course happy to refer you to other sources which I feel will be appropriate for your growth.

Two: it has to be you who wants to change. If you’ve got to the point of saying: ‘I can’t do this to myself any longer’ or ‘I really need to change this’, then you’re ready for coaching. Please get in touch. If it’s your spouse/partner/friend/colleague who’s giving you that message and you’re just agreeing with them, then you’re not.

Three: I expect you to be committed to the coaching relationship by turning up on time, noticing how your day-to-day experience is changing, making your own notes, completing any agreed action points, and paying promptly. At times, adhoc matters crop up and you may wish to re-schedule, only one re-schedule is allowed.  This is to allow you to be aware if you are subconsciously pushing things away that needs to be done.

Now What Do You Want to Achieve? 

How often we meet and how long our relationship lasts will depend entirely on what you want to achieve. Coaching often unearths issues other than the initial one you wanted to tackle.

During our complimentary session, we agree on the coaching format, whether it is adhoc one session or a package bundle of 4 for a transformational process.

Each coaching session is one hour each.

A bundle of 4 sessions are one hour each spread out over a period of 3 months.

Or try out these “Results Oriented” coaching objectives, organised based on the most common challenges I’ve been coaching: 

indexUnstuck the Path – fears, doubts, uncertainty, limiting beliefs.

indexManifestation of Goals and Stay Focus on Life Goals

Each session is 1.5hour each, uncovering through the obstacles and planning together for you, an action plan for execution in one month with email follow up.

(concession applies for unemployed or student.)

Find out more about my coaching style and what you can achieve <here>.

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Arrange for your complimentary 20 minutes discussion to find out what you can achieve with our support: 

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