Life Coaching Singapore: How To Move Beyond The Setbacks And Life Challenge

Life Coaching: What To Do When It Felt Like 3 Steps Forward And 4 Steps Backward?

Recently I had a follow up session with a participant from Singapore and she expressed this to me, it felt like when we were tackling an obstacle in life, it seems like progressing 3 steps forward only to be taken aback with more set backs.  How then to combat the discouragement and move beyond the situation?

At the same time, I was also working on some challenges and at a moment I felt the same way – I charged forward with my life’s toolbox  and then got discouraged when more setbacks were thrown back into my life.  For this experience, I’ve learnt a simple reminder even though many find it challenging to execute  – don’t delve with the negative emotions for too long, find a channel to shift.

When we felt all that negativity drowning us, the most effective is to just step out – physically. Get out do an exercise or cook, for me, taking a walk with nature around me works wonder.  I know there are lots of excuses to this – just feel too depressed to get out, etc etc but know that just by doing this physical action is enabling us to open up to possibility as the energy around us shifts.

Next, then how to move beyond the setbacks? I only have got this to say – ask the right questions.  Yes, keep asking “If not, what else?” “What ifs…?”  “What is the thing I can learn from this experience and pick it up from there?” There is always a reason why things happen.  And there is only one way to go – keep trying.  My teacher from NLP Dr. Richard Bandler says this, to ask the right question is most often the key to resolving the knots in our lives.

Our mind body and soul is a very powerful being, when we can shift our energy by being involved with more proactive actions and questioning that stimulates us, we can get pulled out by our own inspiration, inner strength, and new discovery.  People are energy fields basically – what we sent out, we get back.  The person involved in the situation will change with the energy we sent out. We ourselves will develop inner insights with the actions we keep moving on with.

While I was within this challenge and went out for a walk, I took a picture of this place (see below) and a poem and inspiration came to my head, I’d like to share this poem with you:

life coaching singapore moving beyond challenge

Light and Darkness comes in a pair.
To have found the light in a situation,
We would have comprehend the message
From the darkness and move beyond the situation.
Sometimes we may find that we are walking
3 steps forward and 4 steps backward,
But to find the light, we just have to keep going,
To stop is to mean the end, but we will not,
And in time, the light shines ever brightly into our paths.
Sharing a light.

Light and darkness comes in a pair. Indeed… and I am sure you’ll get more inspiration into finding the light, keep moving.

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