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Purpose and Benefits of Coaching

At different points in our lives, we ponder the following questions or areas of our lives and want to breakthrough the current state:

Career, Purposeful life, Sense of Fulfillment, Wealth

The top 3 questions I’ve asked so far from my coachees have been:

What is your job?

What are the top 3 things you value in life?

What is ONE action you do today towards living your dream goals?

Take some time to think about these questions…


What is your job? How you answer it determines how you find value and satisfaction in it.

Did you define your job as what you do or what you are aiming to achieve as a purposeful goal?

My job is to provide coaching, or my job is to inspire each person to breakthrough and achieve his goals.

Life Coaching brings forth a structured way to draw out your awareness of where you are, what is it really, helping you to see beyond your own blindspots.  This is achieved with questions and answers, with the coach’s trained alertness and awareness to bring the session to a result of clarity and actionable steps for you.

Results from people whom I have coached: 

The most effective technique for me is the “being the Watcher”, I was made aware to catch my self sabotaging negative thoughts, so I can use the next technique to switch to a more useful and positive state. Now I feel more empowered to go after my dreams, they are a possibility! I have gained more insights, thanks for your help!
— K. Lim
I feel good. I meditated on the issue and process we talked about. Eventually, I felt the decision clearer and clearer… I focused on looking past the emotions of leaving my friends and my rational brain started to conjure many reasons to remedy this. It made me feel that the bold decision may not as bad as it seems.
— L. Yeo
I always get new areas of growth from you and your articles. Thank you very much, Ling! To be honest, at times I am stuck withreading self-help books but with your coaching process and open sharing of real life experiences, of being in the struggles and how to get “out of box” clearly, how to apply it comes clearly after I understand the practical examples you shared.
— Mariko
Interesting I’m just writing you.  As soon as I got home after our session my knee pain went away totally. Today I was very very grounded.  My feet were solid on the concrete. I found myself singing just now.  Feeling pretty good.
— T.S.  
Thank you Ling for guiding me with the “law of subtraction” to empty my own “trashbin” in order to fill myself with wonderful stuff and discovering my own goldmine!
— Dorinda  

Inspired Actions From Coaching

I believe you arrive here to want to have a change in your life, whatever you are facing now, that is preventing you from moving forward in life. And you are looking for guidance and possibilities from someone who has been there to share the inspiration and possible techniques to work out an action plan together with you.

Here is a personal sharing of my background and the areas I have achieved breakthroughs in life:

I have been coaching individuals working on
  • self expression
  • family or romantic relationships
  • career path/choices
  • cluttered thoughts or negative thinking
  • manifestation of goals, sticking to plans.

Getting Started

What is your burning question now? If you can get an inspired action to clarify the path ahead, would you take this step forward?

Have a chat with me… a 30minutes complimentary session on Skype can be arranged or send me your burning question, I’ll response within 48 hours and let’s see where it goes.

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