Keeping Your Dreams Alive, Doing What You Love Each Day

The past week has been a very heart warming and inspiring one for me. I took few weeks away from coaching sessions and working on my materials. A few events opened my heart to inspire me further in my dreams.

I witnessed how a partner makes a lot of effort each day to care for her ill husband. When you love someone, you never give up.

It makes me think of our dreams and goals. When you truly love what you are doing towards achieving your dream, you will never never give it up. You will keep working on it. No excuse!

live your dream

So how do we keep our dreams alive and work towards it?

I discovered that why people procrastinate or not acting on their dreams is partly due to that dream being too far up there, without clearly defined steps reaching it. “Chunking down” is the key. Make an effort to write down all the steps, working backwards, until you can find the actions you can do today. So that each day, you know what you will do towards achieving that goal setting

Napolean Hill wrote about visualization towards achieving your dreams. If you can’t see your visions clearly, you can’t get there. You gotta let your subconscious mind help you in this. When you have the steps, you can then clearly visualize them, filling your mind with the images of how and what you are doing to get to your dreams.

Say, you want to be the best selling author with millions of copies of your book sold.  What makes up the content of this book? Can you start collecting them today? Who are the publisher that could make this happen? Where can you meet them? Keep chunking down into smaller and smaller actionable steps.

Dreams are not fantasy. When you feel the love and passion about it, you will make it happen. Not later, not somewhere in the future, but right here right now.

What are your dreams? And what do you do today towards achieving it? Can you feel and see them clearly when you close your eyes?

Keep your dreams alive – 1. get the love & passion into it, 2.chunk it down and the journey with an associated value.


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