Mindfulness In Practice – Managing Post Holiday Blues

Post Holiday Blues

I believe most have experienced this feeling before, especially after a long holiday, to a different country, weather, space and lead a life out of the routine. It’s very refreshing and could generate a lot of new creative ideas and give a new perspective to life. But what happens after that? Some experience a sudden feeling of lost, perhaps too overwhelmed by all there is, not sure what to act on and integrate to the post holiday routine…back to the “reality”. ¬†Some name this feeling a post holiday blues.


The post holiday blues may get too much for some, leading to anxiety – problems from work or people in the daily life come back to life. Suddenly they seem all so big after the holiday. And thoughts about them keep circling around, aimlessly, adding more and more to the feeling of anxiety.

I caught myself from one of this moment, and bring out the mindfulness in practice.

Mindfulness In Practice

Stop right there.

Where you are, whatever feeling of anxiety and thoughts you have, as you remind yourself, and bring your focus to present space.


Physically – feel your present, your body, sitting down, relax your body, look straight.

Imagine you have two persons of you – one your thoughts, the other you a watcher.

Visualize you are watching you, your thoughts going through your mind, flying infront of your eyes.


Give not judgement. Just acknowledge them as they pass through – I have bills to pay. I have pending status on some applications. I am lost…

Visualize these thoughts passing through.

You may use music to guide you, play music with water as background for example, or the sound of bells like this:

You should start to feel more calm after about 15mins of bringing attention to your thoughts and let it flow.  Instead of interrupting them trying to jump on one thought, one anxiety feeling to another, and ending in circles, you could just catch yourself, and watch the thoughts flow, literally, with some visualization.

Remember that the problems are not problems, anxiety not really what it is, except that they are created what you think and feel about them. Once you can catch hold of them and allow them to pass through without resistance, they can flow and you can have peace and inner power to create a new scenario or possibility.



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