Mindfulness Practice – Awareness and Clarity To Propel Forward in Life

Mindfulness Practice To Create Empowering Changes In Life

This educational video of my experience with Mindfulness practice is inspired by all coaching sessions of this month. Questions were:

Who Am I?

What do I like? What’s my passion?

Why am I not getting the desired results after acting on it?

Why am I still overwhelmed by fear? I don’t know where and why this fear come about?

As I guided with other tools and processes to manage these challenges with people, the very first step is to allow the person to build up his/her own inner space of awareness and peace.  As I personally experienced, this can be built up through the practice of Mindfulness.

So what is a mindfulness session like?

Mindfulness is a practice of bring focus to present moment, not forcing but gently bringing attention of thoughts, feeling and senses back to present.  This video demonstrates a typical mindfulness practice I do with a walk in the park:

This is what’s happened for me during this mindfulness session:

Walking in the park noting all there is at present.

Feel of feet and grass on the ground.

Colours of the surrounding.

Different types of sound – further traffic sound to closer sound of feet shuffling of leaves on the ground.

Thoughts went to what happened 10minutes ago when I talked to someone in the park.

Bring focus back to present.

Looking up noticing a leaf in the sunlight, only one leaf moving.

(Did you notice the Sunlight shifted towards the end of  one minute, and the leaf is in different colour shade).

One minute of total focus in present.  No disruption of thoughts.

New discovery through the process, new insights.

Walking home feeling refreshed.

Benefits of Mindfulness Practice

It is a simple act – to bring focus back to the present moment, the smell, the colour, the movement, the sound, our breath, all at the present moment. Not judging or criticising as we get drifted away by other thoughts, only to catch ourself and then bring focus back to present.

Practicing mindfulness regularly trains your awareness of self and others. Especially in moments of panic, challenging situations, it’s the best tool to train you to manage emotions effectively. Instead of letting the emotions take control of you, you know how to manage them.

With technique of focus and awareness, you become aware of opportunities that arise and catches them in important moments in your life. Your interactions with society and how best to express yourself forward, is to have clarity and speak with clear intentions.

What it also does is to clear the clutter in our mind. Often times, we get so intense with working on ourselves, and focusing on all the details then it gets too cloudy for us to make a decision out of our confidence and not our fears. When we train our awareness of letting things come to us, and catching our awareness, we loosen the grip and clear thoughts in our mind.  To have new things coming in, we have to let go of those that clutter.

Soon with regular practice, the next stage of benefiting from mindfulness practice is having inspired thoughts come to you. What is within your subconscious, what is your essence come forth naturally with more creativity – what is it that I can do differently, how can I breakthrough?

inspiration from another mindful walk at the park
Inspired Thought – I caught the sunlight in one of the mindful walk, and this message came through.

I hope that you can try it and see if you reap the benefits of mindfulness as I experienced it. Share with me and others!


quiet your mind with mindfulness practice





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