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A Mindset Breakthrough Workshop

We all have good intentions how we would like to live our lives.

We want to be confident of our self and express our ideas, our talents and skills confidently.

We want to breakthrough from obstacles and sabotaging thought patterns.

We want to be able to create success and fulfill our dreams, goals and unique potential.

We want to live a fulfilling and happy life, one that is created authentically by ourselves.

And yet we have these little voices and obstacles blocking our path to a fulfilling and successful life.

So what do we do about it?

Do you know how to manage and take control of these negative thought patterns?

Do you know how to express your ideas and your talents confidently?

Do you want to learn how to overcome your challenges?

Do you know how to spot opportunities and hazards and creatively create new possibilities?

Would you love to be inspired by life?  Or do you just sweep away your thoughts under the carpet?


Are You Ready To Transform From Where You Are to

Where You Want To Be?

“Mindset Breakthrough” Full Day Course

You Are What You Think

Your thoughts create your reality. Learn to manage your thoughts and uncover your unique potential.  We can transform beyond “being stuck” and live the life we want.

A Life Transforming workshop uncovering the limiting beliefs that prevented you from moving forward, empowering you with technics to unstuck your path, manage emotions and resolve feelings of shame, guilt, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety that may be holding you back from being inspired by your life. Learn how to overcome your challenges with proven technics and develop a strong sense of direction.

What you will learn in this workshop:

Course Outline – 5 Experiential Techniques

By attending this workshop, you will learn through exercises the following:

What is awareness and how to “catch yourself”.

Uncovering limiting beliefs and combat the sabotaging negative voices – stop the vicious cycle!

How to practice mindfulness – be a “watcher” and gain insights into your thoughts, emotions and life experience.

The 5 Keys for harnessing abundance and create new possibilities.

How to use creative visualization to carve out new possibilities in life.

Your mind is a tool, you can train and untrain it – a personal mindset breakthrough experience:

Learn how to be resourceful in your thoughts and actions, then no matter what happens in your life, there’s always something you can do to achieve a breakthrough.

Having been a trainer across many parts of the world for the past 18 years, I’ve used these technics, and transformed from a poverty, fearful and doubtful mindset to manifesting my dream job, dream partner, and most importantly a dream life, being who I truly am.  Through these technics unstucking the path, releasing limiting beliefs and activating my true potential creatively,  I am constantly learning, relearning and transforming, empowering each and everyone in my journey, who is ready to take the step forward.


What people have said about our courses and process:

Thanks for your help! I feel more empowered to go after my dreams – they are a possibility! I have gained more insights. I want more of the exercises and interactive games. I love them! 

I did not know what to expect from your workshop, I was just asked to attend by the company… but I am glad I did as it puts clarity to myself and what I can achieve. I will use the CD for further enhancement to find out my mindful self and grow. Thanks!

Mariko on applying the process:
I always get new areas of growth from you and your articles. Thank you very much, Ling! To be honest, at times I am stuck with reading self-help books but with your process and open sharing of real life experiences, of being in the struggles and how to get “out of box” clearly, how to apply it comes clearly after I understand the practical examples.

Jenny Corsale from UK:
Your presentation on “negative” messages opened my eyes and made me aw
are of my continual negative affirmations.  You are so full of joy and humour. Your presentation is so purehearted! 

Lana Barrett from UK:
I loved the way you shared your own personal experiences and great enthusiasm for each subject.  I would need more clarification on what is “affirmations”. 

K. Lim:
The most useful techniques is “being the Watcher” for me, I start to be able to switch my negative thoughts and realise what I was doing to myself, this allows me to be more in control to apply other techniques to create positive change.

Jenny Petersen from Denmark:
You run the workshop with a beautiful and fun spirit.

Angel Jo:
The course exceeded my expectation. I learnt a lot through the timeline sharing and it can help me in my personal life journey.

Good workshop integrating Louise Hay and NLP Techniques. The affirmation bath was great!

Dorinda Loh:
Thanks Ling for guiding with the “law of subtraction” to empty my “trashbin” in order to fill myself with wonderful stuff and discovering my own goldmine!

Good practical participation to understand and apply the techniques in life.

Thank you for patience to explain things when I didn’t get it. I feel you understand things without words, knowing when to dig, know/feeling when to stop.

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Date & Venue: enquire for next workshop dates

Investment: S$288

Materials: Music CD (visualization), Course Notes & Practice Booklet

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