Mindset Breakthrough Techniques

Do You Want To Breakthrough Your Challenges and Start to Live Your Dream Life?

Most people are not consciously living their own thoughts, actions and their lives. 

3 Important Questions For You Just For Now:

Do you feel stuck in a life situation or thoughts and has no way to get out the vicious pattern?
How do you manage anxiety and turn up confident just before an important meeting or sales pitch?
Do you have a method or strategy to stay on track and energize yourself consistently towards achieving your goals?

If you answer no to the question or have no consistent action or method to “unstuck” your life challenges and manifest the goals or life you want, then it’s time to

Empower Yourself

To A Mindset Breakthrough Experience

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Our mindset is a set of beliefs or way of thinking that determines our behavior and mental attitude. Changing our mindset, changes the way we take actions on it, and how we direct it to the desired outcome.

I had been in this path before, some 20 years ago, poor mindset, sabotaging negative thoughts running its own path, unsure of my identity and lack of confidence. Through empowering myself with gratitude to my many teachers and working with many people around the world, I built my own set of toolbox and started to fully live who I truly am, and manifesting my life – dream job, dream partner, dream life.  No one can define our lives for us, only we can empower ourselves with tools and techniques, to learn to uncover our own path and create breakthroughs in our lives. I am an ever learning and transforming person.
 To me, life is not about having 100% happiness all the time, it’s a balance of the negative and positive, the challenges move you to create more of life or bring you down till you decay – the difference is HOW you turn it over to become a resourceful experience, instead of a drowning disempowering effect, letting your mind run in its own path, or take control with powerful techniques.
When we are empowered to act on these challenges, you start to view them as opportunities and truly living your fullest potential, who you truly are and meant to live creatively and fully in this universe.

I speak from this experience and I invite you to create your own Breakthrough Experience!


* indicateexperience breakthroughs required



Here’s what people say about the process:

K. Lim:
The most effective tool for me is “being a Watcher”. I was able to catch myself, my negative thoughts and then use the next technique to create a more useful and powerful state.

Jenny Corsale from UK:
Your presentation on “negative” messages opened my eyes and made me aware of my continual negative affirmations. You are so full of joy and humour. Your presentation is so purehearted!

I always get new areas of growth from you and your articles. Thank you very much, Ling! To be honest, at times I am stuck with reading self-help books but with your coaching process and open sharing of real life experiences, of being in the struggles and how to get “out of box” clearly, how to apply it comes clearly after I understand the practical esamples.

Dorinda Loh:
Thanks Ling for guiding with the “law of subtraction” to empty my “trashbin” in order to fill myself with wonderful stuff and discovering my own goldmine!

Angel Jo:
The course exceeded my expectation. I learnt a lot through the timeline sharing and it can help me in my personal development journey.

Fiona on NLP Techniques:
I really enjoyed the Timeline Therapy. It helped me make a new distinction about the way I think of events in my past and future, which is very helpful and will remind me not to crowd things in! So thank you!

Good practical participation to understand and apply the techniques in life.

Thank you for patience to explain things when I didn’t get it. I feel you understand things without words, knowing when to dig, know/feeling when to stop. THANK YOU and I am so happy I met you as you are supporting me through the way.

Learn to be resourceful in your perceptions and actions, then no matter what happens, you can always do something to achieve your goals and create breakthrough!


mindset change techniques workbook


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