Mission And Vision

My Vision

I believe in possibilities. In whatever situation we are in, there is always a solution, a new journey, possible when we know how to create it, when we can learn how to break out of the rut, or mindset that locks us in.

I see awareness, clarity as key to a happiness in life, where we simply need to be clear of what it is really, be truthful to self and others, then life can transform more effectively to create the journey ahead.  When one is in clarity, raise up to the level of a visionary, happiness comes from within, from being able to reflect outwardly this calm, peace and surety on the actions and footprints moving forward. There is no judgement, only mindful being.

When you are aware and open, you allow the real self of others to surface and be. 

Being Open & Mindful

I see myself as a person always learning, always in awareness of my actions, who I am, what I want to be, and the impact I have on others. Mindfulness practice is in every part of me.

My success values in this vision are…

– serving the community in every possible ways no matter how small the action is.

– working on actions directly impacting people’s lives.

– able to be mindful of what’s going on within and with out, and consciously creating life.

– truthful and speaks from the heart.

Hence I have these success mentors…

– people who are deeply aware of their strength and weakness and work on things they are good (authentic) at to create more good to the community.

– people who respect others’ differences and yet also help those who are not in the same belief system, compassion being the key.

– people who are supporting another deeper than just surface level, so effective change can happen.


My Mission

I love interacting with people around the world, of different background, learning through them, and co-creating life with all of us.

I love being in teams, and have different roles at different times – motivator, leader, follower, observer, joker, crisis manager.

I love art, creativity, nature, so as finance, economics, and wealth management, and I interact fully with these elements in my life daily – sharing knowledge and experiences here and personal interaction.

Hence my mission is to fully understand our body, our brain, our untapped potential, with clarity and awareness, create methods and exercises where we can act upon, creatively to motivate IMPACTFUL change in different areas of our life and in the process inspiring others around the world. 


Never stop learning, never stop interacting, and never stop giving time for self alone and reflection.

my dream job
My project team from three countries in India – best project ever!


Personal Development Courses LingKulanko
All the amazing people I meet around the world


If you resonate with my mission and vision, you may like to read more my blog posts on my creative ideas, life’s lessens and creating possibilities. Or simply join my facebook for more social fun inspiration.


The point of life isn’t just to succeed, but to become a deeper, more integrated, mature person through your “struggles.” You allow the alchemy of your challenging journey to etch itself into your character, making you into a rich personality. Then whatever you do will have the quality of your experience; allowing it to blossom with life. ~ Thomas J. Moore

Some of my personal struggles and how I breakthrough  – read more

Transform through real life inspiring storiesreal life inspiring stories around the world

My passion in inspiring self & others,

life coach ling kulanko

Life Transformer & Adventurer

My teachers are:

Dr. Richard Bandler NLP & Human Potential

WeCreate Life Coaching

Louise Hay on Mind Body Connection, Affirmations and Love & Accept Yourself

Eckhart Tolle on Mindfulness and Power Of Now

Namikoshi Shiatsu Therapy

Barbara Ann Brennan on Energy Healing

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