Nursing Back To Health

Eventually, after almost 3 years, the flu bug caught up with me.  I have maintained this record of 3 years complete illness free.  I suppose it was the change in diet as recently I moved from Asia to Europe, and not monitoring my food intake very well.

I know my body very well, and understand what makes me good and not so good – I’m born more on the “heat” side – indulging even in a day of chips or chocolates and not enough water a day can trigger off a bad throat.  So I am always tuned in to my body and remember to take in food that my body likes 🙂

So what it means nursing back to health for me is – to listen to my body!  To me, it is the most important foundation.

I do take medication to ease the symptoms, I do take chinese herbs as well, but each step I take I listen to my body first.

What does it mean by listening to my body? It takes years for me to practice meditation and be in tune to my body as I practice listening, but in essence, anyone can start to just feel. Yes, FEEL.

During the flu period, I woke up each morning, first thing I felt throat dryness, stuffed nose.  Feel where the stuffiness comes up – when I feel that it goes all the way to the chest, I can feel perhaps the infection has gone there.  I put my palm on the chest, and says heal my chest, heal.  I let the warmth of my palm to give some comfort to the stuffed area.  Instantly I feel relieved, sort of more calm with the breathing.  Very often we neglect the power of the energy of our palms.  It’s the same effect, when one feels hurt or scared of something, one puts his palm on the chest, it sure offers comfort and healing.

Then I review what kind of medication I should be taking, and adjust accordingly.  I was taking one flu tablet that I felt it was too strong and not helping.  I know it when it gave instant relief, but the next morning, I couldn’t get the phlegm flowing, it seems to be stuck somewhere.  Once again, I felt how my body reacted to the medication.  I stopped the medication, and let my body heal by itself, with herbal tea and lots of water, rest and fresh air.

Every morning I applied the same hand healing my chest and spent a minute listening to my chest and breathing, while still lying on the bed, just before I got up.  I did not just confine myself in the house all day, I went out to breathe in fresh air, not too long, like 15minutes, take a short walk, and came back indoors.  Decide accordingly, each day how much time I could spend outdoors, what did my body say? Too long , too short? It will tell you 🙂

In about 5 days, the flu was completely gone.

In every situation and body, the behavior and result is different.  Therefore instead of immediately jumping to listing all the medicines and solutions out there for nursing an illness, why not first listen to your body – so what is it this time?

Here’s wishing you in the pink of health!


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