Personal Development: How To Be Happy In Life Coming Full Circle

How To Be Happy In Life Coming Full Circle

Being Happy In Life Coming Full Circle…

Being happy in life for me, has a different meaning and effect in these couple of weeks. I have felt that I have come full circle – back to the basics of life, simple life, like a new born baby, thrilled and happy with just every little thing in life, in its simpliest form.  I cherish every minute I spent with friends, and not waste time with things and people who are not in the same energy.  This gives me more time to be engaged with situations where we can really support one another.  I cherish a cup of coffee in a local coffee shop, watching people passing by.  I cherish every minute I work with people that I love.  Life is simple, and simply happy.

How To Be Happy In Life Coming Full Circle

It has nothing to do with the “results” of bank account, of achievements and objects of possessions.  It has very much to do with all my life living my fullest potential on the present moment present resources, living each day doing what I love.

In a personal development journey, most people are not in full consciousness and awareness of the now, missing out alot on the resources, full potential and abundance of what the present can give you.  What I mean is that, for example I was out on a day meeting with a business friend, and being just in full focus with our conversation (conscious), looking him in the eye, aware of him and the surrounding (rather than thoughts of future or past), in such full engagement we came up with interesting topics and learning experience in just a two hours meeting, new projects enveloped.  This is what the present moment can give you.

So it has come full circle – the meaning of experiencing it all, that what it matters now, is just the present moment, experiencing love – love I see in the people I talk to, love I feel with a life partner supporting every step I take, love in the strangers who smile as I pass by.

My life now evolves around two countries of my love – Finland and Singapore, Europe and Asia.  Wherever I am, I am fully in the present moment. Being with people I love and connected with them fully is probably the most important aspect of my life.


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