Personal Development: Manifestation of Dreams Into Reality


To manifest, is to show plainly, to demonstrate and prove something.  For me lately, I have been using dreams as a way of manifestation of my goals.  After reading this book by my teacher, Dr. Richard Bandler, Guide To Trance-formation about altered state, hypnosis and consciously managing our unconscious mind to propel the dreams/wishes you want to fulfill in your life,  I started to implement it as a manifestation of goals in my life.

Manifest Your Goals

In combination of meditation, creative visualization and NLP technique, I put together a “Manifestation” plan –

1. The moment before sleep (anytime after 11pm) and the moment when we wake up in creative conscious and subconscious mindthe bed is the state closest to the alpha level, where our subconscious mind process our learnings, what our conscious mind feeds or puts into ourselves.

At the moment before sleep, relaxing my body even more deeply, I start with feeling peaceful and grateful for the day and accepting who I am and what I have done with my goals and actions.  Then I puts up the image of me being in who I want to be, describing in images as clear as possible, with sounds, hands clapping, laughter… and to get there, I start to work backwards on the steps, not too many, with the midway and the present state, checking for my emotions if there is any obstacles or limitations that I would feel.

2.  Just be aware of what comes up, move on and relax deeper, affirming I am always guided to the path whenever doubts or discomfort come up.

3. In the morning, I work on affirming just the intentions of what I am here for each day of my life, and I am in this confident and energized self to start the day with.

Dreams Manifestation

After a week of doing this, I got very interesting dreams and also the energy of the day changes significantly.  My dreams are somewhat related to what I am in my life, one was about me running very confidently, even though starting at the back of a crowd in a running competition I was feeling all very confident I am going to make it to top positions.  And before this night, I was visualising myself in steps towards the goal I want to be and what fears or limitation I may have.

I become very aware that my unconscious state is processing all the thoughts and intentions our conscious mind feeds into it.  And this in turn alters the state that I am in the day – when I am installed with positive goals and intentions in the unconscious state, I in turn, feel a positive sense of energy in the conscious mind to execute my day.

I am looking forward to share more of this journey, of managing your conscious and unconscious mind to manifest the goals in your life, creatively.

Manifest Your Goals

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