Positive Energy

An Event To Know Your Energy And Use It Positively

We all want to be happy during the dark times, but sometimes it is ourselves who are unconsciously blocking the flow of positivity with our own energy.

What is our energy?

How do we hear, see, feel, touch our energy?

How we can then manage our energy so that we can achieve what we want.



A 2 hour event – movie and workshop:

  • Louise Hay Lecture on “Receiving Prosperity” : how we manifest our lives with our energy

louise hay prosperity in life

  • Workshop on:
    • Training to be aware of your Energy
    • Create New Possibilities with your Energy – switching energy states from fear & limitations to positivity

positive energy


Ling is a trained acupressure massage therapist, a certified Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life Teacher and NLP Practitioner, practicing mind body connection and consciously living a positive and fulfilling life.ling kulanko inner abundance

She believes in consciously living her life and manage all life obstacles by first being aware of our own mind body spirit and with acceptance and non-resistance.  Only when we do not struggle with the thoughts, can we find energy to empower ourselves to create change and transformation. Read more about her empowerment journey here.

We have all the energy we need to create positive change, but first, let’s be aware.

Date:             27 August 2013 Tuesday

Time:            17:30 to 19:30  receiving prosperity event 2013

Location:      Era Nova Helsinki Finland

Cost:             20euro (register before 10 August at 15euro)

Registration closing on 19 August. Reserve your seat now:

Register with your name and email here:  Maximum 20 seats only.






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