Quit Searching For That Perfect Life

There Is No Perfection Only Life

Recently read this quote from the book, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” and hearing several affirmations from people around on working on resolving all hurts and pains, on being completely ready for new relationship so it’ll be perfectly done the second time round… I started to sit up and shout out in my mind “is there really such a thing as ready and perfect?

Even when you think you’ve found that perfect partner, that perfect job, perfect lifestyle, there is always something to work on, simply because, the universe is evolving. The financial state of yesterday’s aren’t so similar today, the tools we used to work on may need some fine tuning to apply to new situation and events. Two person will always meet new challenges and adventures that challenge new areas of your being that haven’t been explored before.

So I’d say quit looking for that perfect job, perfect partner, or waiting or thinking to proceed with something until one is ready. Let the momentum flows. Let your plans and ideas meet execution, let them flow, act it out as you plan them out. Then you get to put into practice, into life.

There is no perfection only life.

As I step forward to the new year, this shall be the theme of my life in 2016 – never let fear stop me from acting out fully in life, never let fear slips in telling me I’m not ready, never let fear of failure, never let judgemental voices on good and bad relationships make way for perfection, not even a hint of it, banish perfection. There is only life. Live it fully.


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