How Can We Rewire Our Brain?

Rewire Our Brain, Rewire Our Life

As I was relating to my friends how excited I am embarking on this new journey, to be a student of Neuroscience, at the University here in Finland, we started the lesson by first learning from the beginning stage when our brain starts to develop (three weeks after conception!). And then one of them asked me, so now we are all adults with such and such undesirable behaviour, how can we rewire our brain?

The cerebral cortex is the most important part of our brain, and has the most number of interconnections with other neurons. So what’s the function of cerebral cortex? It is where our awareness, consciousness are, where memory, learning, language happens through our five senses. So my answer to that question is: if we were to alter our behaviour shouldn’t we start with the part of our brain where most connections or synapses happen and when we do something different, it creates the most impact to our brain, our life?


Through Our Five Senses

I recall an experience when I was recovering from depression. With a combination of drug and behaviour changes, the negativity moods were reduced over time. So what did I do? I used a series of activities that impacted my senses, as many as possible. My friend pulled me out for a walk (I went even though I didn’t want to), the fresh air activated my association with my sense of smell. The change in scenery also imprinted images of what could be different from the period of dark images in my mind and life. I wrote my thoughts over and over in my diary, this activated my sense of touch.

And through time, consistently doing these things over and over, it creates new patterns of behaviour. When we said rewiring, we really meant literally changing the map of our brain. Reactions or synapses in our brain creates a map or network for our brain so we remember it and repeat it as behaviour or habit the next time. When we introduce new patterns, we are able to create new patterns, new maps imprinted in our brain. Neurons are a competitive lot, the greater number of times they fire and wire, meaning the more consistent and persistent you are with doing the activities, they take over that part of the brain.

I continue to do more of such activities, in other creative ways, painting expressing through our sense of touch, talking singing, auditory impact, to consistently create lasting changes. So literally, rewire your brain!

You can rewire your life.



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