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So they found another small tumour and so my polar bear went for a round of radiation, I went nuts. I lose my plot. It was the Chinese New Year period and we were supposed to go Singapore to celebrate with my family… last year we were in chemotherapy, now we are going to be in radiation. In life, we always have a plan, a task to do, an expectation when we do it… the bigger the expectation, the harder to adjust when it falls out of plan. Life is making me practice more and more of my self coaching skills, this time, I was very aware and in present moment to catch my emotions and behaviour all over the place. It’s an amazing experience – to be a dual persona, one person observing all that is happening and the other in it, reacting and reacting… I was able to “catch myself”, I contacted the local neighbourhood psychiatrist’s help and went for a talk with someone.  It helps to share with professional, to go through the process of untying the knots.  I stayed in mindfulness meditation all the time, I observed my behaviour with my family, what made me reacted irrationally, and practice to be in acceptance and honesty – honest about how you feel and communicate that honesty.  Acceptance is a very difficult topic.. how many blows can a person take in life?  This is another topic for another day.  After walking through all these shit, we went for a trip to Madrid! 🙂

My travels are usually a mindfulness experience, we go with the flow.  Walk where we could, change paths, create new plans as the day progress.  One of my loves is observing people, how they interact with nature, with others.  We were standing at one corner, playing with the light… soaking in the light and then I saw people walking past this light source… each one I took a snap at my camera. I love how it turns out, do you? 🙂

Travel and Share

So I made a commitment to share positive vibes to my travels.  Wherever I go, I interact with someone or something in a positive new way. To find new creative energy and to instil faith in every possible way in life.  This trip, I tried with making new friends, even when I’m traveling with my partner.  One day, I sneaked out early morning to join the crew at the hotel for breakfast… this cute lady with a big camera caught my eye.  The way she just stopped, and snapped. She sees something in her eyes that mesmerised her, nothing stops her.  And so I went up to talk to her.  There seems endless topic to talk about… She is almost half my age, and I feel like I’ve met her before…

do not mind my “just crawl out of bed” look.

Alison has a photography business, while still studying at the Boston University.  She even went to my blog to read about my coaching topics and later asked questions about different areas, just warms my heart so much that she is so empathetic about her surroundings.  She could relate and share perspective of others, not just her angle, and how she could of help.  It was a very heart warming and humble experience for me, to interact with this young creative being.

The Path Less Travelled

From Madrid, we took the train out to the coast and hanged out around Benalmadena.  We took a bus up to a popular old town on the hill top, and when it’s time to head home, we saw many waited at the bus stop where we were dropped off.  Still full of energy, we decided to walk down instead.  Checked the google map, there is a path, so we started to make our way. I must say it was a bit daunting in the beginning… there was not a single person on the road.  It was narrow and some walkway was covered with tall grass.  Well what do people say about the road less traveled?  Surprises awaited us!

Do you think we can reach the beach? Almost 10km!

First we saw a castle looking up from afar. We took a detour and went over to check it out.  It didn’t appear on the google map earlier.

Well well… look how gorgeous it is!

After the beautiful castle, we continued to turn and walk down the hill…. and what an encounter awaited us next!  My first relationship with a white horse!  I saw him from a distance and it was like, we have known each other before, he saw me too at the same time, and galloped towards me like an eager lover! 🙂  Thereafter, our eyes locked and couldn’t move away for a long while… he kept wanting to press through the fence, if there is no fence, we would hug and kiss.  He doesn’t understand selfie, whenever I want to take selfie with him, he would turn his head too as I turned my back.  We stayed with each other like time has stopped… until my own prince charming had to drag me to go.  You will forever be in my heart.


New Creative

Dexter is a friendly chap I interacted with at the hotel, or motel, or apartment.  This is a hotel I found in Madrid after some research, that looks super duper cool.  Just check their website, The Hat Madrid.  It is so well developed. Technically and aesthetically.  Well, back to Dexter and the crew, Pat and Ina who helped me with my room requirements (and anything under the sky :), they are your friends next door. Very unlike the usual stiff hotel attire and staff, these guys dressed in their coolest outfit, smile and chat with you. We rented an apartment style accomodation and I carefully asked what are the things to be cautioned of in the apartment, Ina said, “just relax, invite your friends in and invite me too!”.  So funny!  Such faith … to trust the occupants they have common logic to clean up and basically don’t smash the apartment. That’s all. Such is life.

The new creative vibe in the hotel industry requires no more the number of stars. It has to inspire, empathise and touch a chord in your heart. This is what is going to flourish.  Don’t ask me if I take anything from the mini bar, challenge me with “invite your friends in”, let’s see how you interact with our hotel.  THE POSITIVE THINKING way, the ABUNDANCE mindset. The more you share and give, the MORE you receive.


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