Success Stories Overcoming Adversity In Life

success stories overcoming adversity

Success Stories Of People Who Overcome Uncommon Adversity In Life

success stories overcoming adversityOften we read about success stories in the media about material success, how people have become a millionaire before age 30, etc .. today I want to share inspirational stories of two people I’ve met over the past one year, who have made success stories of their lives in the face of uncommon adversities.

Meet Noora – who at an young age of 23, is an author of two books, many poems and a laughter yoga & life skills coach.  In her childhood, she had undergone several surgeries and time in the hospital due to the congenital disease that causes brittle bones.  With all these challenges, there has never been a reason in her head not to be able to do what she want!  On the contrary, she said, all these different challenges give her an extra boost to do and try out things, to break boundaries. She believes that,

Everything is possible, if only we give permission to possibilities!  How inspiring!

Despite these adversities, she has received alot of encouragement and thereby also felt encouraged to help others too.  It has really become a calling, a kind of life mission for her.  She enjoys getting to her work dealing with different people, to encourage them to carry out their own dreams and bring light to every man encountered every day!

One of her motto is: “When you are open to the world, the world is open to you!”success stories noora vastinen life coach

I am inspired and encouraged by Noora to continue my journey of carrying out my dreams with courage, light and love to every person I encounter each day.  With each challenge we face, turn it into a motivation, be mindful of people around us, of all the resources we received instead of what we lack in, and be creative – if plan A doesn’t work, plan B, plan C, D …

I hope this inspires you in some ways too. (More about Noora, her continuous self improvement and sharing at her website:  Noora Vastinen Life Coach )

Meet Bruce

Bruce Oreck, the US Ambassador to Finland, delivered an inspiring speech to the aspiring leaders of Toastmaster club here in Finland, expressing the power of words and how we deliver them that shapes the experience for the others.  He has come a lsuccess inspirational short storiesong way to making good speech.  Bruce was born with deaf on one ear and an eye almost blind. But these adversities have instead made him think about how to project his talents and resources that he was born into this world.

At an young age, he couldn’t speak properly as he can’t hear much of what comes out from his mouth.  Encouraged by his parents, he practiced really hard in a special school to improve his speech.  Knowing that speaking wouldn’t come as naturally as others, he thought of a strategy that when he speaks, it would be to make powerful impressions on others.  Hence he studied alot and work to impress on the power of words, how to make the deepest impact on someone simply on the words, making it humorous, making it concise to the point.

He finds inspiration from his family, his teacher who encouraged him, and from many other inspiring leaders, he has this to say about what Ghandi has achieved “the power of first Being, then Doing and comes Having in this order” that he has first decided and become who he wants to be, then find the resources to inspire one and another, the success comes as you fully focus on being who you are.  Powerful and inspiring us to transform.

I certainly hope we find inspiration from these stories to create our own breakthrough success stories, that through inner abundance and being.    (read other inspirating short stories here.)

Noora, reading out her poems at the bookstore:
her poems about balancing life, and other perspective of living.
success stories noora life coach


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