With gratitude to workshop participants and coaching clients:

Jenny Corsale from UK:
Your presentation on “negative” messages opened my eyes and made me aware of my continual negative affirmations. You are so full of joy and humour. Your presentation is so purehearted!

Eye opening session with many thought provoking questions on why do we do certain things in life. New discovery and bring forth a lot of conscious effort I can do to improve, had a breakthrough on an area of life I encountered. Thanks for sharing Ling! Great refresher for things I believe in but forgotten over a period of time. 

Very inspiring and informative. A new look at an old problem with the possibility of solving it using strategic methods. Thank you.

Dearest Ling, thank you for loving life and for being such a sweet inspiration to me in my healing journey discovery. Deeply grateful for this opportunity to bond with my inner child. Thank you for your love! God bless you abundantly. 

I found Ling’s Heal Your Life workshop amazing and rewarding. Today was such a positive day – thank you! You are an amazing teacher! 

I always get new areas of growth from you and your articles. Thank you very much, Ling! To be honest, at times I am stuck with reading self-help books but with your coaching process and open sharing of real life experiences, of being in the struggles and how to get “out of box” clearly, how to apply it comes clearly after I understand the practical esamples.

You created a very beautiful space for us to learn about and experience ourselves in the context of intention setting in a very safe, calm and secure manner.  Love the fact that you are very sincere, joyful, intuitive and light hearted.  You are a good speaker and very much present in the moment and with your participants.  I am very glad I came.

Interesting I’m just writing you.  As soon as I got home after our session my knee pain went away totally. Today I was very very grounded.  My feet were solid on the concrete. I found myself singing just now.  Feeling pretty good. 

Dorinda Loh:
Thanks Ling for guiding with the “law of subtraction” to empty my “trashbin” in order to fill myself with wonderful stuff and discovering my own goldmine!

I did not know what to expect from your workshop, I was just asked to attend by my company … but I am glad I did as it puts clarity to myself and what I can achieve. I will use the CD for further enhancement to find out my mindful self and grow. Thanks! 

Thank you very much and I enjoyed your effective communication skills workshop.  You covered the topics pretty well in 3 simple steps. Though simple, it encompasses the positive side of looking at things in general. I would say this workshop helps me in other ways of life as well. I also see you being very truthful and your willingness to bring wellness to others. 

K. Lim:
The most useful techniques is “being the Watcher” for me, I start to be able to switch my negative thoughts and realise what I was doing to myself, this allows me to be more in control to apply other techniques to create positive change. I feel more empowered to go after my dreams – they are a possibility! Although some of the stuff in the mindset workshop have been covered in my 1-to-1 life coaching sessions with you, I’ve gained more insights. I love more of the exercises and interactive games! 

The small group effective communication skills workshop is good, it is very interactive and engaging. I find the eye movements exercise good, interesting and able to let me assess and understand someone. The AH OU OHM vocal expression exercise is good. A lot of exercises to practice! Thanks so much! 

Angel Jo:
The course exceeded my expectation. I learnt a lot through the timeline sharing and it can help me in my personal development journey.

Fiona Radman on NLP Techniques:
I really enjoyed the Timeline Therapy. It helped me make a new distinction about the way I think of events in my past and future, which is very helpful and will remind me not to crowd things in! So thank you!

Good workshop integrating Louise Hay and NLP Techniques. The affirmation bath was great!

Good practical participation to understand and apply the techniques in life.

Thank you for patience to explain things when I didn’t get it. I feel you understand things without words, knowing when to dig, know/feeling when to stop. THANK YOU and I am so happy I met you as you are supporting me through the way.

The Louise Hay workshop went very well. I’m happy with the content! Thank you for a day well spent.

Well done! I enjoy the positive energy and learn new things.

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