The Critical Development Stage of Our Brain

brain development

When is the Critical Development Stage of Our Brain?

A critical brain development period of life… I was observing this group passing by that captures my heart and mind – each adult handled 4 toddlers, they look like barely 3 years old, they were in a training, to walk a stretch of road, pretty long, and holding on to their care taker’s hands and shirts .. and boy they looked grumpy!┬áBut none of them freaked out, they walked and walked… the cold the wind the traffic… such great training!

brain development
Discipline and Focus. They keywords of early brain development.

If you can get these qualities early in life, you are able to discern quality information out of all that is happening in your life, or else, garbage in garbage out, as what the brain scientist would say. After this “critical period of development”, it’s harder to rewire the brain. ┬áThis could be the reason for hyper active kids, unable to focus on learning. When we have this discipline and focus in place at very young age, we are able to capture quality information, when what we absorbed is clear, our brain is able to form clear maps of information for future retrieval. Hence we are able to express them clearly. This important development, the skill to focus, definitely impacts other areas of our life – learning, communication, self expression, and confidence.


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