The Greatness in You – Wisdom from Lady Gaga

Whatever you do, being a waitress or actor or singer, the greatness in what you do have to come from within you, the greatness you feel inside you. Just be who you are. – Lady Gaga

I was watching a documentary and this was what Lady Gaga shared about her life experience. I was inspired! Indeed, the appreciation and passion and credit has to first come from within us. Only then can it shines through and impact the people around us, to see and feel what that we have done and acted out in life. Acting out our values and passion.

the greatness within you - lady gaga

Ta-da! The specially concocted cocktail for me :)

Just as this stays fresh in my mind, I went out for a drink with friends and I was not finding anything I like from the cocktail menu. I chatted up with the waitress, and she asked cheerily, what kind of fruits  I like, and she gave suggestions of how she can concoct up a flavor of my choice. What a nice gesture! I can see and feel her enthusiasm in suggesting all the exotic fruits. It’s quite a rare nowadays to receive such warm customer service from a typical restaurant in town. At that moment, I felt the greatness from within her. It simply shines through!

Is there a service you are providing, no matter how challenging the circumstances you’re in, be it a “tough office politics” or “economic crisis with tight competition” or “moving to a different country and finding a secure job”, when you can let your true self shine and speak the passion outwardly from within, so that it impacts positively on the people around you?

From my experience, 3 questions are mostly guiding where I’m going in challenging times:

Who am I?

What do I have?

What can I give?

Recognise the greatness from within you, what you already have and let it guide you in unleashing your true passion. Life is challenging at times, but the light always shine from within.


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