The Mystic of Gran Canaria

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The Mystic of Gran Canaria

Many people here in Finland love to go to the canary islands during winter time to take a break from the cold. And according to some, the perception of the place is such that it’s for retired people, and nothing much is happening there. I must admit that I had not considered to go there because of such heresay. And when I started to research and read more about it, I was determined make the trip.

The architecture and the sand dunes, on this volcanic land intrigued me. I went there, walked and walked for hours to track on the sand… there seems no end. I sat down and did a meditation. The feeling is very special to me. I was able to block out everything what the world was perceived or formed onto me. What I was pursuing, the stress and pressure I put onto myself, the world economy, the lifestyle of different financial and mental state, my goals, so on and on. And what flows through me is that, there is no judgement, I was just aware. That in this universe, these are happening, and what we are doing about it. I was also forced to face up to myself, just me. What are my actions then in this world, with such events happening. No one else imposes on me. I began to feel very connected to myself, who am I. And through the process, one message came through. You are you, walk your own path, really what is the truth in you, and walk it.

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mystic of san dunes


I also visited the old town, with the remains of old architecture. I have a sense of freedom, that through time, this island was formed (from volcanic eruption) and left to develop with its own style.

Interesting I saw this building with a bird cage and the birds set free.

birds set free

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