The Power of Expressing Our Gratitude

Today’s Power Message is Gratitude

Expressing our gratitude gives so much power to how we can fully live our lives with new possibilities, when we can embrace what we already have.  It sounds like a simple message or act, but how often do we do it?

It seems like a really strong reminder for me today.  I started the day with a skype session with my mum and both of us expressed the same message – we both felt so grateful to be healthy and living our lives!  And after expressing that, I can see her face lights up and we said, “got to be damn happy to be healthy!”.  Almost shouting it out. 🙂

Love mum. expressing gratitude

And as I was just beaming from a nice conversation, my husband went out and got pizza lunch for us. They ran out of can drinks and he insisted on getting the fanta flavor for me as he knows orange is my favorite. He got what he intended for me and the whole day, he’s been just bringing my fanta drink to me wherever I move around in the room. All the while, I just felt grateful – for a very heart warming gesture.  I just appreciate it very much, no matter how simple the act may be.

I always go through a gratitude list at some point during life coaching sessions.  I truly believe the power of expressing gratitude, it helps to –

  • reinforce the many resources or abundance we already have,
  • know where we are, who we are with present happy moments,
  • give more positive energy to then create new possibilities, knowing we are already supported in as many ways,
  • just sends out happiness and positive vibes! 🙂

expressing gratitude unlocks fullness of life

Another activity I like to do consistently is to keep a gratitude journal.  Before we sleep each day, write at least 5 things we are grateful just for today.  As any repetitive act is going to program our mind, it helps to reinforce into habit, how we can then spot happiness and grateful moments during the day and keep the positive energy flow moving.

So wouldn’t you start a gratitude journal?

the power of gratitude journal

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  1. Gratitude makes the world smaller and our hearts bigger. Thank you for reminding us of the power of keeping our eyes on gratitude–on all that is good and beautiful and possible in our worlds.

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